Windows Defender bug creates false positive threats

A bug in Windows Defender has caused several users to receive a message about threats, but the message is fake. See the error message here.

Several Windows users had a bit of a scare on Sunday.

Windows Defender came up with a warning about a virus threat called ‘Behavior:Win32/Hive.ZY’. But it’s a false alarm and your computer is fine. The actual threat stands as a generic search for suspicious activity and not a virus.

It writes Windows Central.

“This generic suspicious behaviour detection is designed to catch potentially malicious files. If you’ve downloaded a file or received it via email, make sure it’s from a trusted source before opening it,” Microsoft itself announces about the bug.

When users chose to take action to fix the problem, the message would not go away and the user would continue to receive the alert.

The problem appears to be caused by the Security Intelligence Update for Microsoft Defender Antivirus – KB2267602 Version 1.373.1508.0, the media reports are based on messages from Microsoft Support Forum.

Microsoft has come up with a solution to the problem. Windows users should check for available updates in Windows Security and select the latest one and the problem should be fixed.

Indeed, Microsoft has released Microsoft Defender security intelligence update version 1.373.1537.0, and it should contain the fix.

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