Why Ford use one and the same engine for more than 30 years

Ford is a strong representative of the automobile industry in the United States. The company has a rich history and solid reputation, especially among local citizens. In recent decades, Ford has been not just a manufacturer but a symbol of free spirit and economic progress. The American manufacturer is also already oriented more actively toward electric cars.

Traditionally, the company in the sector relies on a slow approach when introducing innovations and drastic changes in design. The models are supported for years before transitioning to new technologies. A popular offer like the Dodge Challenger remained unchanged for more than a decade, recalled by SlashGear.

Another example in the long-standing history of Ford It’s even more impressive. In this case, it is not a specific car but an engine that was first used in the Ford 300 I6 in 1965. Then the customers could optionally use it when making a new purchase. Then the in-line six-cylinder engine remained in use until the middle of the 90s of the XX century.

Ford relied on a well-established system that had proven its activity for three decades before offering something alternative in 1997. The legendary engine does not find a place in the Mustang or Falcon series classic models. Instead, it is the drive system for the company’s F-150 and Econoline vans.

The engine’s longevity is hidden in the simplified design, which does not vibrate as much as the V8, but has a solid cast-iron construction and a relatively high working volume.

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