Users rave about the new iPad mini: Looking at the screen makes you uncomfortable

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against the world’s most valuable company, Apple, over the marketing of the latest iPad mini, which contains a bug that irritates the eyes of users.

The technology company Apple has been hit by a class action in the United States.

The media writes that Macrumor’s.

According to the media, the lawsuit is about fraudulent marketing and sales of the sixth iPad mini, as the company allegedly knew about a so-called “jelly-scrolling” error in the product.

The issue is that the text on the screen appears uneven when the user scrolls.

And more specifically, it looks like the text on the left side of the scare is lagging behind. The medium writes that several users report that they are annoyed by the error and that it can cause eye strain.

The lawsuit, filed in the Northern District of California District Court, alleges that Apple allegedly knows about the problem, but simply continues to sell the product without fixing it or changing its marketing for the iPad.

The citizen who is at the forefront of the class action is named Christopher Bryan.

The purpose of the case is to obtain compensation in an amount equal to all iPad minis of the sixth generation that have been purchased in the United States.

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