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Tim Cook frowns on new SMS standard: ‘Buy an iPhone for your mother’

The Apple boss doesn’t have much left for the successor to the SMS standard.

Apple boss Tim Cook doesn’t have much left over for the emerging RCS standard, which Google and Android users, among others, hope will gain traction as a replacement for the SMS and MMS standards.

Instead of building the emerging standard in Apple’s widespread ‘Messaging’ app, he would rather consider a switch to Apple’s iPhones and thereby change platforms, writes the tech media The Verge.

At the annual ‘Code’ conference in the US, he explained: “I don’t hear anything from our users that we need to spend a lot of energy on this,” he explained.

When a journalist recounted his efforts to share photos and videos with his mother due to compatibility issues between iMessage and RCS, Tim Cook’s immediate advice was:

“Buy an iPhone for your mother”

For the RCS standard, it is a bet that Apple will not join the standard, which has been in significant development since Google took control of the standard’s development in 2019.

For Google and RCS, it was a huge win when Samsung introduced RCS as standard in its new S22 series in 2022.