The novelty of the decade for e-books: Now Amazon opens up the open e-pub format

For Kindle users, this may be the biggest news in the series’ almost 15 years.

For as long as e-book readers have existed, readers have had a basic choice.

Either you had to bet on the broad, but also a proprietary selection from Amazon’s industry-defining Kindle series, or stay silent on third parties’ often less advanced devices and more limited selection.

Amazon finally facilitates that choice in the latest update to the company’s ‘Kindle Documents Service program.

In future, it will be possible here to convert the open ePub format to the Kindle-friendly AZW3 format, from which it can be transferred wirelessly over wifi to a preferred Kindle reader.

With the update, Amazon makes it possible to transfer the open format for the first time since the Kindle series debuted in 2007.

The e-pub format is supported by all leading e-book readers with the exception of Amazon’s Kindle and is, among other things, popular because it can offer digital books without copyright protection (DRM).

Development within e-book readers from, among others, Amazon has typically been quiet. The first Kindle with a USB-C port was released in 2021, a good six years after smartphones and tablets adopted the standard.

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