The countdown to Microsoft’s anniversary show is on: Here’s what you can expect from Surface news

It has been 10 years since Microsoft’s first Surface product was created. See how it will be marked at the company’s upcoming hardware event.

The month of October usually forms the framework for Microsoft’s annual hardware launches, where the company presents the latest litter of its Surface devices.

This year will be no exception, as it is officially announced that October 12 will be the day for Microsoft’s upcoming hardware party.

This year’s presentation will be a special edition, however, as it marks the 10th anniversary of the Surface device that launched Microsoft’s endeavours as a PC maker.

Here’s what we expect from the news that Microsoft will bring to the celebration.

Surface Pro 9 – the spiritual successor

The spiritual successor to the very first Surface (later known as Surface RT), will be the Surface Pro 9, which according to the online media Windows Central will distinguish itself by being equipped with two different types of processors.

Like the Surface RT, it will come out with a special ARM-based processor, here an ‘SQ3’ processor which will be a bespoke case based on Qualcomm’s 3rd generation Snapdragon 8cx, paving the way for a 5G modem to find its way into tablets the series.

Traditionalists, or just users who want to be sure of full Windows compatibility, will still have the option of choosing an Intel-based machine, which in the Pro 9 will be 12th generation Core processors.

It is rumoured that the most likely processor will be from the power-efficient U-series, but that processors from the highest-performing P-series may also be in play, which should give a significant performance boost to the upcoming Surface Pro.

The Pro 9 device itself will be based on the same chassis that Microsoft has used in its Surface Pro 8 and Surface Pro X, which is why no major design changes should be expected.

The series is expected to be served in varying configurations with between eight and 32 gigabytes of ram and between 128 and 1000 gigabytes of storage.

Surface Studio 3 – much-needed overhaul

Microsoft has not had a particular focus on desktop machines with its Surface products, although it has had limited success with the expensive but flexible Surface Studio, which was last updated in 2018.

The new version does not intend to fundamentally change that recipe either, even if the series is kept alive with a hardware overhaul in a future Surface Studio 3.

Here, it remains unclear whether it will be an Intel i7 from the 11th or 12th generation that, together with 32 gigabytes of RAM, will drive the machine forward, but it will still be a significant upgrade compared to the 7th generation quad-core processor one finds in the five-year-old Surface Studio 2.

Another potential overhaul will be found in the included pen, which should become a digitizer dedicated to the device, rather than the Surface Slim Pen found for the newer Surface Pro series.

Project Volterra – potential surprise

While Microsoft cannot, therefore, offer a large selection within desktop machines, the company’s ‘Project Volterra’ may be fleshed out at the upcoming event.

This is a kind of mini PC that the same ARM-based SQ3 processor will pow as the one that debuts in the Surface Pro 9.

However, Microsoft does not seem to be prepared to make a possible Volterra-based Surface PC ready for the mass market – it is only expected to be sold as a developer kit, where third parties will thus have the opportunity to have an ARM-based desktop machine for development purposes.

Not many new accessories in sight

Microsoft doesn’t seem to have any new accessory groups in the pipeline for this year’s hardware event. A possible outsider, however, could be a revised version of the company’s Surface Earbuds.

In addition, the media writes about new versions (read: new colours) of existing Surface accessories such as keyboard cover, pen and mouse.

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