Stop! If you have an AMD processor – then wait with Windows 11

There are good reasons to either hesitate or completely uninstall Windows 11 for PC users with AMD processors.

Microsoft’s new operating system plays somewhat worse with AMD’s processors than previously feared.

Last week it was already heard that AMD processors could experience a performance dip of a handful of percentages in disciplines such as games.

In the worst case, up to 15 percent lower performance was noted in a single game.

However, new figures indicate that the problems are more extensive than previously assumed.

One of the main reasons behind the performance woes lies in the built-in memory in Ryzen processors, called L3 Cache.

Windows 11 was previously known to cause L3 memory to be three times slower on Windows 11 machines.

However, new independent tests show that the type of memory, which is particularly important for running games, is now up to six slower compared to the same system with Windows 10 on board.

Processors with more than eight computing cores such as high-end processors in the Ryzen 7, Ryzen 9 and Threadripper families noted the biggest drops in performance.

A processor like the Ryzen 7 3800X with eight cores was measured to be about six times slower for L3 operations when Windows 11 was installed.

Debugging fails

Both Microsoft and AMD have acknowledged the problems and are working to find a solution.

However, the first update for Windows released this week did not contain any bug fixes.

According to the online media, TechPowerUp and Tech spot should recent overhaul has done the problems.

That gives reasons why AMD should consider postponing a possible update to Windows 11.

If you yourself have experienced performance problems with AMD CPUs and the Windows 11 update, you obviously have a few days or hours to roll your installation back to Windows 10.

In the Intel camp, there don’t seem to be any problems with the Windows 11 operating system to report, although a minimal delay may have been introduced, it says.

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