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Samsung out for another huge data breach in less than six months

The South Korean electronics giant is facing yet another massive data breach after it was hacked for nearly 200 gigabytes of source code and security algorithms in March.

In this case, it suggests that it is Samsung customers’ personal data such as names, dates of birth, contact information and other demographic information that has been leaked from the world’s largest mobile manufacturer.

A Samsung spokesperson assures that no users’ credit card information or public ID numbers have been affected by the security breach.

The security breach itself occurred towards the end of July 2022, and was discovered on August 4 by Samsung.

“Samsung discovered the incident and has acted to secure the affected systems. As part of our ongoing investigation, we have hired a leading external cyber security firm and are coordinating the investigation with the authorities,” reads a statement from Samsung.

Contact affected users

Samsung does not yet communicate how many and how extensive the security breach has been, but these days it is sending a message to the affected users.

In the message, the company specifies that users with compromised information must be extra aware of any phishing attempts or unsolicited communications that ask for personal information or refer to pages that request personal information.

In addition, Samsung recommends avoiding clicking on attachments in suspicious emails and keeping an eye out for other suspicious activity across one’s accounts.