Rimac Nevera improved Tesla’s record for the fastest supercar

Tesla has the most significant contribution to the popularization of electric cars. The company completely changed the industry in the last decade. At the moment, Tesla continues to dominate this market segment. The competition of traditional manufacturers such as Volvo, VW and BMW will intensify, which will threaten Tesla’s leadership position.

The company also set an impressive speed record for Model S Plaid. The post dates back to three years ago. A Series of successful tests on the Nürburgring track will reach 269 km/h. – unprecedented value for electric cars. Любопитното е, че Tesla вече не может да се похвалят с това невроятно постижение.

The Croatian manufacturer Rimac improved the record with a significant difference. The tests were carried out with the supercar Rimac Nevera, which develops 412 km/h. Tesla Model S Plaid with almost 150 km/h., to become the fastest electric car in the world.

Lovers of high speeds will hardly be surprised, as the Rimac Nevera is already a serial car with new-fast acceleration in the industry. However, we should note that its price is $2.1 million, which is significantly more than $136 thousand, for which the Tesla Model S Plaid was sold.

In fact, the Rimac Nevera is equipped with four engines, providing a power of 1914 hp with speeds of 412 км/h. is equivalent to a third of the speed of sound. The new record is proof that electric cars can be as fast as their petrol alternatives.

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