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Only a ‘Surface Pro’ version remains: Microsoft tablet family shrinks

Surface Pro and Surface Pro X are about to be boiled together into a single device.

Microsoft’s tablet ventures and formats have been many over the years. But now Microsoft seems to be narrowing down the selection instead, especially when it comes to tablets.

It will be seen this autumn when the expected Surface Pro 8 replacement will also be the replacement for the company’s Surface Pro X.

According to the online media Windows Central states that an upcoming Surface Pro 9 will replace both the Pro and Pro X models.

Both ARM and Intel on board

Microsoft’s Surface Pro X tablet was characterized by housing Microsoft’s own developed ARM processor. However, the new Surface Pro series should be able to offer both ARM and Intel based CPUs.

In the upcoming Surface Pro 9, it is therefore expected that Microsoft’s SQ3 processor will debut together with 5G connection options.

On the Intel front, it should instead be possible to equip the upcoming Surface Pro with 12th generation core processors. AMD-based systems, should there be no plans, it sounds at the same time.

Say goodbye to multiple tablets

Last year also meant a farewell to several Microsoft tablets, as the Surface Book series in both 13.5 and 15 inches was retired.

The replacement, the Surface Studio, is also not designed to be as suitable for tablet use as its predecessors.

So there are two tablet sizes left at Microsoft. The small Surface Go 3 as well as the replacement for the Surface Pro 8 and Pro X, will of course have around a 13-inch screen to work with.

Microsoft’s new Surface collection is usually released in October.

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