Nvidia makes it easy for you: Easily identify GPUs in product data

Image: Nvidia

Nvidia will require OEMs to list performance data on product pages.

Nvidia is made by OEMs, which make the laptops RTX 30-Serie to sell-require that they tell the buyers about the to inform expected performance.

When the RTX 30 series laptops started shipping earlier this month, Nvidia was under criticism. The company decided that less powerful and more energy-efficient variants of laptop GPUs no longer match that „Max-Q“-Emblem mark. This made it easier for the buyer to get confused in finding the right hardware specifications.

However, the company confirmed to The Verge that it will be for in the future Laptop manufacturer mandatory will be, disclose specific clock speeds and overall graphics performance on product pages. This should make the process of buying a gaming laptop much easier and more transparent. So everyone can see at first glance what performance to expect.

What exactly is changing?

Nvidia also stated that OEMs do not have to specify whether a chip is a Max-Q variant. Because the “Max-Q [sei] no longer part of the GPU name […]“

In the past, the Max-Q emblems informed the buyer that the graphics card was a model with lower clock speed acts. Currently, it indicates that a laptop is equipped with the RTX 30 series, but additional efficiency functions like the Advanced Optimus or the Whisper Mode 2.

Nvidia further explained in a statement:

“We require OEMs to update their product pages with the Max-Q technology features for each GeForce laptop, as well as the clock speeds and performance – which communicates the expected GPU performance in that system”

Nvidia’s decision to require OEMs to display specific performance information will no doubt be supported by the buyer’s welcomed will. The purchase and comparison of a laptop become clear through this lighter and more transparent.

As noted by The Verge, it will also help buyers understand how it’s possible, for example, that the RTX 3070 in MSI’s GP66 Leopard outperforms the RTX 3080 graphics card in the MSI GS66 Stealth. Previously, this was only possible with much more complex research.

According to Nvidia, OEMs have already started adding this information to their online product pages.

For example, we currently have Asus and gigabytes updated on the pages. Razer and MSI are probably still in the process of being implemented.

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