Now you can test Google’s special Android for tablet computers

Android is now ready to offer a big-screen experience beyond the usual Android. See what you get and how to get the new special Android here.

Apple is no longer the only one who has realized that tablets and other large-screen devices cannot cope with a smartphone-based operating system.

Two and a half years after the introduction of iPadOS, Google is ready with its own counterpart of Android, dubbed Android 12L.

The solution is intended for the growing number of dual-screen devices and the many Android-based tablets on the market.

A good month and a half after the announcement, the first test version is now ready, so that developers, enthusiasts or other Android enthusiasts can try the software.

Meet Android 12L

As the name suggests, the starting point is Android 12L, the advertising giant’s mobile software, but adapted to a larger and varying format as well as the Chromebook’s laptop structure.

In its documentation, the company itself writes that the 12L is intended for ‘Large’ screens.

To take advantage of the expanded screen space, Android 12L is keen to make it simpler and easier to split the screen into several programs when multitasking. Thus, a screen can easily be divided into two apps by dragging an app icon up from the bar.

At the same time, the new Android aims to provide an improved user experience when a mobile app is used on a larger screen. This is done by ensuring that even unoptimized apps are not blown up in larger formats than intended.

In addition, Google presents a number of new options and design guidelines to developers so that their apps appear better on varying screen sizes, which the company describes on its developer blog.

Get selected devices

If you want to try your hand at Google’s new operating system and, among other things, try the new, two-part notification curtain, you must have one of the few selected test units in order to get started.

Google states that so far only two types of devices can run the first beta version.

Android 12L can be tested on Google’s own Pixel devices (Pixel 3a or newer) as well as Lenovo’s recently launched large tablet, the Lenovo P12 Pro, which has its own dedicated Android 12L page detailing the company’s developer program.

Try it at home

However, developers and curious Android enthusiasts can try Android 12L for themselves in a dedicated emulator, where a virtual Android system is emulated on one’s device.

You can click here to see how to install it on your device. However, it requires that your machine can run Google’s ‘Android Chipmunk’ developer tool.

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