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Now Ubuntu Linux is coming to Microsoft’s Azure cloud

Microsoft’s Azure VM and Canonical’s Ubuntu Linus are now playing together in the cloud.

Microsoft and Canonical are now teaming up to bring Ubuntu images to Microsoft’s Azure virtual machines.

“These images provide the familiar Ubuntu experience and tie it together with an Azure-optimized kernel and configurations,” says Microsoft on its Azure blog.

According to Microsoft, users will benefit from the broad library of ARM-based applications, which will therefore be able to be run on the widely used public cloud environment.

The virtual machines will run on Ampere Altra ARM-based machines, which open up new possibilities, such as Canonical’s ‘Anbox Cloud’ which allows Android applications to be run in the cloud.

With the new collaboration, another Linux option is available on Microsoft’s Azure cloud. In addition to Canonical’s Ubuntu, Microsoft offers Red Hat, SUSE, CentOS and Debian as ARM-based Azure VMs.

You can read more about the new Azure and Ubuntu cooperation here.