New iPad Air will be equipped with lightning fast Mac processor

The new iPad Air will now be equipped with Apple’s M1 processor, which is found in several MacBooks and the more expensive iPad Pro, among other things.

Apple is ready with an updated version of the iPad Air, which has now had a good shot of silicon injected under the hood.

The new iPad Air will thus be equipped with exactly the same M1 processor that we find today, among other things, in the iPad Pro and Macbook Air.

According to Apple, the new M1 processor is 60 percent faster for general computing tasks and twice as fast for graphics processing compared to the A14 chip that was in the predecessor.

Gets 5G and a new camera function

In the version with a mobile connection, it will also be equipped with a 5G modem, and at the same time get a 12 megapixel ultra-wide-angle front camera.

With the new front camera, the iPad Air will also support Apple’s centre stage technology, which ensures that you are all in the centre of the picture when holding video meetings, even if you move around the room.

As with the previous version of the iPad Air, you will also be able to use Apple’s Smart Keyboard as well as the digital pen Apple’s Pencil.

Thus, the main difference between the iPad Air and the more expensive iPad Pro now seems to be that the iPad Air only offers login with TouchID, while the iPad Pro supports the facial recognition function FaceID.

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