New cheap laptop from Microsoft is available in fresh colors – and now the madness finally ends

Microsoft’s cheapest laptop in the Surface family, the Laptop Go, has just been overhauled. Dishes are served here with overhauled offal, new options and fresh colours.

Ever since Microsoft debuted with the Surface series a decade ago, the company has offered its by now well-known mix of light grey, matte brushed lightweight metal.

From time to time, there was flirting with dark grey and black shades – but there was no spat at any time.

But now Microsoft seems set to put some colour on the Surface life in its new collection of the affordable Surface Laptop Go portable machine.

Meet the Surface Laptop Go 2

The new Surface models will be recognizable by the three new colours’ ice blue’, ‘sandstone’, ‘sage green’ and then the original magnesium grey, which is known from the rest of the Surface family.

Apart from the delicate new colours, Microsoft does not come up with many new visuals. However, the company’s vice president of devices, Pete Kyriacou, notes that the materials onboard are premium aluminium.

Contrary to the previous Surface products, Microsoft is now determined to make it easier and cheaper to upgrade and service the device by now providing easier access to both the SSD drive, battery and both keyboard and screen cover.

Here, Microsoft promises that it offers “replaceable components that help extend the life of your device.”

Moderate development

Inside the machine room of the Surface Laptop Go 2, there are no major revolutions to report.

The on-board Core i5 processor from Intel is now a bit newer – an 11th generation Core i5-1135G7.

In terms of performance, a quad-core is still on offer, but it is worth noting that the on-board graphics are now an ‘Iris Xe’ rather than the G1 type. A tripling of performance on the graphics front is therefore on the cards.

The touch screen still extends over 12.5 inches and offers a half-loop resolution of 1,526 by 1,024 pixels, which, however, means that the graphics card does not get too many pixels to feed with data.

The machine itself still weighs just 1.1 kilos, while an operating time of around 13.5 hours is now promised, which according to Microsoft should be enough for a full 24-hour use, when a little sleep and other necessary breaks are included.

Stop the madness

However, the most important overhaul in that collection will be found in the pricing. Despite inflation and rising component prices, the new model debuts at the same price as its predecessor in 2020.

What is most commendable is that Microsoft’s cheapest model is now equipped with twice as much storage space. Instead of the almost useless 64 gigabytes of storage, the entry-level model is now equipped with 128 gigabytes to house a full Windows 11 installation.

However, the upgrades are still expensive, which is why you have to drop approx. USD100 to raise the memory from four to eight gigabytes, while a 256 gigabyte drive costs an additional USD99,-.

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