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Is Samsung Chromebook good? Discover the portable model

Check if it is worth investing in the device focused on the most basic use

The notebook is not a cheap device, depending on the configurations and features available, the price can be even higher. Sometimes the user just needs access to some basic settings to study, work with simpler programs or use it as a secondary computer. To meet these needs, Chromebooks appeared on the market, notebooks with simpler and cheaper configurations. Samsung has a lineup with these models, but is the Samsung Chromebook any good?

If you have your eye on one of these devices, let’s go over some of the main features of this type of notebook.

What is Chromebook?

Basically, the Chromebook is a notebook with very basic settings and is portable. The main difference between this model to other notebooks is that it runs the Chrome OS operating system, developed by Google itself. In this system, all user data and applications are stored in the cloud. Which does not mean that the Chromebook can only be used online. Some functions such as listening to music and watching movies can be performed as long as the download is performed.

Another feature of Chromebooks is that they don’t have very powerful processors and not much available memory. As many functions are performed online, the system ends up being able to optimize itself to deliver a good browsing experience for the user, even with these limitations.

What is the Samsung Chromebook good for doing?

Samsung has three models in its line of Chromebooks, the last of which is the Samsung Chromebook 4. The models do not differ much from each other in configurations, but they perform well for basic everyday tasks such as studying, and watching movies and series. , surf the internet, use email, write texts and do other activities that don’t require as much notebook performance.

Samsung Chromebook Advantages and Disadvantages

Among the main advantages is the design and construction of the Samsung Chromebook. It is very similar to a notebook, but much more compact. The Chromebook is thin, smaller and lighter, making it an excellent choice for people who need to make use of simple features on the go. The construction leaves no visible screws and the material provides a more attractive look.

The keyboard has curved keys to provide more comfort and ergonomics while typing. The battery is also impressive and can stay away from the socket for several hours. According to Samsung, depending on the use of each user, it can be charged up to 12 hours.

Among the biggest disadvantages are the low internal storage capacity, which is usually only 32GB, but with the possibility of expansion through a Micro SD card. The Samsung Chromebook also cannot handle running heavy programs and is limited to basic use, as already mentioned. The screen of Chromebooks is simple, have 11.6 inches with HD resolution and does not bring any special configuration.

Is the Samsung Chromebook any good?

The Samsung Chromebook does not run programs that require a lot of performance, but remember that this is precisely the device’s purpose. The device is able to provide a quality navigation experience, and fast and efficient performance for the user who performs simple activities during the routine. It can be a good option to study or use as a secondary notebook.

But it’s not that cheap, so it’s worth considering buying an entry-level notebook model if you prefer to use Windows, as they don’t differ that much in price.