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Is an ergonomic keyboard worth the investment?

Find out a little about the ergonomic keyboard, and its types and understand if it is worth investing in one of the models we present.

If you spend a lot of time in front of the computer, need to type a lot and, at the end of the day, feel pain in your hands or wrists from all the effort you make, you need to know what an ergonomic keyboard is and if it’s worth the investment.

To find out about it, we went to research and find out what it is and if it’s worth your investment. check out the rest of this article.

What is an ergonomic keyboard?

Ergonomics is linked to the study of human well-being and physical performance, so it involves a series of changes to avoid situations, in the case of keyboard use, that causes repetitive strain injury (RSI) and tendinitis.

An ergonomic keyboard is made to avoid these health problems by changing the position of the keys and shape for each person to get the most comfort possible.

Some have wrist support, others a more different shape and even a model with unevenness.

Types of ergonomic keyboards

There are several different keyboards, we will mention four models here, they are:

Fixed Division:

These are keyboards in which the keys are divided into groups, like the more traditional ones. 

They are joined into a single board and allow the user to type differently from a common angle. 

So, your body can be projected higher and one side of the keyboard is lower, so you can have a greater distance between your upper limbs and less time in the same position.

Adjustable Division:

It is a type of keyboard that is divided into independent parts, allowing you to define the distance you want each side yourself. Some models even have RGB lighting.


This keyboard model has keys and their groupings in more rounded depressions, as if each key, instead of being square, was a circle or removed the “tips” of the keys.

It is very reminiscent of the keyboard of an old typewriter, the one where you had to put ink and paper to write.

Ergonomic hand: 

This model is very close aesthetically to video game controls, as shown in the image above, it is also similar to cell phones from the 2000s when that cell phone that raised the screen and then the keyboard was a fever.

Is it worth the investment in an ergonomic keyboard? 

It is possible to find ergonomic keyboards on sale, although some models are difficult to find in the Brazilian market. 

If you need a model now, we recommend getting a model like a contoured or fixed division that has several keyboards on the market and from various brands, such as Logitech. 

Now, if you want a more different and unusual keyboard, it’s worth doing more research to find your ideal model.

An ergonomic keyboard is very worthwhile, being a matter of health and given how many hours you spend in front of a computer, it is important to consider what is the greatest need, avoid tendinitis or wait and, if you have a health problem, treat it.