How Snapdragon AR Gen 1 will improve glasses with added reality

Qualcomm produces Snapdragon processors and 5G modems for a variety of devices such as smartphones, laptops and others. Mixed reality It is also a technology that sees great potential for future development. Specialists at Qualcomm have developed a new hardware platform called Snapdragon AR Gen 1, which is intended for gadgets with added reality.

The innovative structure offers several strategic improvements, compared to Snapdragon XR2. The new processor includes three modules, including the main AR processor, which stores the display and processes the video signal from nine built-in cameras. The company claims that the Snapdragon AR Gen 1 is 40% smaller in size than its predecessor.

The transition to Wireless AR Smart Viewer Reference Design reduces energy consumption by 50%, but it improves the speed of AI algorithms by 2.5 times. The structure of the processor includes the AI ​​Coprocessor, which is still mounted in the frame glasses with added reality reports SlashGear.

Its role is to combine the information provided by the camera and the sensor, but also to manage the verification with the iris and the tracking of the eye movement. The third component of the Snapdragon AR Gen 1 is the FastConnect 7800 system of the latest generation. Thus, a connection between the glasses and the host device such as a smartphone is ensured with a signal latency of 2ms.

The architecture dramatically reduces power and heat, as the Snapdragon AR Gen 1 has 45% fewer cables than the previous model. The overall target energy consumption is less than 1 watt, or 50% less than the Snapdragon XR2.

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