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Google lines up for the big hardware show: It will be extra interesting for you this year

Google has new phones and smartwatches at this year’s hardware event from the company – but the most important thing will be whether we are getting close to launch.

At Google, the month of October usually forms the framework for the company’s major hardware launches. This year is no exception.

Google has just been invited to a Pixel event on October 6, where a brand new collection of Pixel devices is about to be introduced.

The stars of the show will probably be the upcoming Pixel 7 and its companion, the Pixel 7 Pro, as heirs to the Google Pixel family of smartphones, where Google gets its own software technology and hardware to play together as best as possible.

At the same time, the event will form the framework for the launch of Google’s first smartwatch in recent times, which will most likely be the Pixel Watch.

Several leaks of the watch in its prototype stage show that it will be a very minimalist device, which will look like a small rounded metal disc, but hide a number of smartwatch functions with a further development of the company’s WearOS.