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Galaxy Book Go: Meet the Samsung notebook with Snapdragon processor

Samsung’s new entry-level notebook draws attention to its Qualcomm processor and interaction with Samsung’s ecosystem.

During Black Friday 2021, many consumers were taken by surprise with offers for a Samsung notebook, the Galaxy Book Go with Snapdragon, a chip brand related to smartphone processors. But after all, is the Galaxy Book a notebook with a smartphone processor? What is the result of this combination? 

Get to know a little more about the Galaxy Book Go, a basic notebook with an affordable price, but that promises to offer the speed of response of smartphones in a portable computer. 

Galaxy Book Go: a notebook with a cell phone processor? 

No, but it is a similar processor. According to Samsung, the Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 developed by Qualcomm provides a smartphone experience on a notebook with instant responses, but in practice, the results may not be so exciting.

In fact, what we have here is an SoC (system-on-chip) which means a single system on a chip, so we have this processor, RAM, and SSD storage in a single system, a factor that doesn’t allow upgrades to be made. on the Samsung input machine.

When analyzing the performance of the Samsung notebook, we need to check some information that helps us understand what you can expect from the Samsung portable switch. With only 4 GB of RA and 128 GB of SSD, we have a machine with the minimum necessary memory for current standards that will suffer from multitasking without much user effort, despite the SSD. 

As with smartphone processors, being a Qualcomm chip is not synonymous with performance, after the component maker develops chips of different lines and for specific uses.

In the case of the Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 present in the notebook, it has a capacity equivalent to Intel’s Celeron chips, that is, only basic performance. 

The screen is average for the price range

The screen of the Samsung device is compact, has 14 inches, Full HD resolution and analyzing only the specifications, it is a good screen. However, the display technology is TN which offers a smaller viewing angle than LED screens. Another point where the screen can be lacking is in the brightness levels and the slightly high colour tones.

Battery with good durability

According to Samsung, the Galaxy Book Go is capable of playing up to 18 hours of uninterrupted video without having to take it to the wall. Therefore, it is very likely that in conventional use, Samsung’s compact notebook can run for up to two days on battery power alone.

Another relevant aspect is charging through the USB Type-C port, a universal standard that, in addition to allowing a smaller charger, adds to the notebook a standard present in several other devices such as smartphones and tablets. 

Galaxy Ecosystem 

One of the advantages highlighted by Samsung for the Galaxy Book go is the integration of the notebook with the brand’s ecosystem, so it is possible to send files, photos and videos from a smartphone of the brand to the notebook just by approximation, the so-called Click Share, control and automate functions of other connected devices that belong to Samsung SmartThings and use a tablet from the Korean manufacturer as a second screen thanks to the Second Screen function.

Is it worth investing in the Galaxy Book Go?

Samsung’s notebook reached the market at a salty price. The Galaxy Book Go starts to be worth it, as long as the user only needs a machine for basic use such as studies or office routine. Still, there are other similar and competitively priced options like Chromebooks. For less cost than a flagship android smartphone, Samsung’s affordable notebook is a worthwhile option.