Errors in the Linux code can cause permanent damage to your PC screen

The code in new Linux kernel 5.19.12 can destroy your computer screen.

The code in the new Linux kernel can destroy your computer screen, and you should take immediate action if you have downloaded it.

This is how the startling message from Intel developer and Linux man Ville Surjälä sounds in a longer discussion thread in the Linux forum

For Linux people, it is not unusual that the release of a new kernel causes a bit of trouble with drivers and the like, but usually, the problems are resolved quickly.

However, that is not the case this time with Linux 5.19.12.

Ville Surjälä writes in the thread that there are problems with a component which controls the so-called panel power sequencing for the screen on the computer.

“It can damage the LCD panel. I recommend immediately rolling back and installing a new and stable release,” he writes.

The component may cause the screen to flicker at high speed.

In several cases, it is reported that the flickering does not disappear after a reboot or even if you switch to BIOS or GRUB.

Computers running with Intel GPUs are reportedly, particularly at risk.

In any case, Ville Surjälä advises that in any case, you refrain from installing and running Linux 5.19.12 on computers equipped with GPUs from Intel.

The Linux community has already released 5.19.13.

According to Arstechnica it has happened in the past that Linux distributions can damage the hardware.

This was, among other things, the case with the Mandrake 9.2 release in 2003, which could destroy certain CD-ROM drives, writes the media.

Arstechnica recommends that you either upgrade or downgrade from Linux 5.19.12.

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