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Apple’s upcoming iPad appears to be tailored to EU requirements

In the upcoming budget iPad, you will most likely find a USB-C port and an Apple A14 processor. As in iPad Air year 2020 above.

The next generation of Apple’s most affordable iPad will comply with the EU’s requirements for the USB standard

The days seem to be numbered for Apple tablets that continue to use Apple’s long-lived Lightning port to charge or transfer data.

According to the Apple media 9to5mac will be the next revision of the Apple iPad, the 10th generation and the successor to the only remaining iPad with a Lightning connector in the trade, born with a USB connector.

Thus, the new generation will meet the EU’s requirements to function with the widely used USB-C port. For iPad users, it will also mean that the new iPad will work in conjunction with the growing number of USB-C based accessories.

The upcoming iPad will continue to occupy a place at the bottom of the Apple iPad range, which will have Pro models at the top, Air and mini models in the middle and now a new iPad at the bottom.

According to the media, this will be reflected in the screen, which will certainly grow a little compared to the 10.2 inches offered today, possibly to 10.5 inches, but here will be more matte, as there is neither DCI-P3 color support or mini-LED backlighting.

Inside the engine compartment, it will be an A14 Bionic chip that drives the device forward – the same one that today drives the outgoing iPad Air year 2020 and which should be around 30 percent faster than the A13 found in the current budget iPad. At the same time, the new chip allows for 5G mobile connection.

While Apple is raising the bar for its iPad family, there is also a whole new family of giant tablets in the works, according to several sources close to the company’s subcontractors. Y