Apple sued in new stalking case about the controversial Airtag

Apple is now once again facing a case over the product Airtag, which is a tracking device that can be used, among other things, for luggage, but which has also become a controversial product in Apple’s portfolio following stalking cases.

The tech giant Apple is being sued by two women who claim that the company’s product Airtag has been a crucial tool that has led to the stalking of the women by their ex-boyfriends.

It writes Bloomberg.

Among other things, the women’s ex-boyfriends are said to have hidden Airtags in their cars in order to track them down.

Although the tech giant has previously announced that the product will be changed due to other similar cases and accusations, the plaintiffs in this class action claim that Apple cannot protect stalking victims from Airtags being misused for wrong purposes.

An Airtag can be purchased for around USD70 and is designed for keys, wallets, rucksacks, and luggage in, for example, an airport.

Plaintiffs in the lawsuit are seeking unspecified damages for US owners of iOS- or Android-based devices that have either been tracked by AirTag or are at risk of being tracked.

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