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Apple launches Apple Watch 8 with built-in body thermometer

A new temperature gauge means, among other things, that the new Apple Watch Series 8 can give women greater insight into their cycle.

In addition to the brand new and fierce Apple Watch Ultra, on Wednesday evening Apple also launched a brand new Apple Watch Series 8, which thanks to a brand new thermometer, can measure changes in the user’s body temperature

At night, for example, the watch continuously measures the user’s body temperature several times over the course of an hour, and the next morning the user can see fluctuations, which can for example indicate whether the person is ill.

But the sensor is particularly interesting for women, where the watch monitors changes in body temperature, for example, it can identify deviations in the user’s cycle or identify when the person is ovulating.

Can register car accidents

The new Apple Watch Series 8 is confusingly similar to the old Apple Watch Series 7, but in addition to the thermometer, it also distinguishes itself by being equipped with a new function that can detect if the user is involved in a car accident, after which the watch can automatically call the alarm centre.

Apple Watch Series 8, like in previous years, has 18 hours of battery life, but thanks to a new low-power mode, the battery life can be extended to 36 hours.