All recent Windows versions can now automatically block special types of IT attacks

Microsoft has announced that all Windows versions receiving updates can now block brute force attacks.

IT administrators can now configure any Windows system still receiving security updates to automatically block brute force attacks, Microsoft has announced.

It writes Bleeping computer.

The Windows 11 systems where this policy is enabled automatically lock user accounts for 10 minutes after 10 failed login attempts within 10 minutes. This has been relevant since the month of July.

And now the function has been implemented across Windows versions.

A brute force attack is a type of attack where the user’s code is attempted to be broken by hackers working through all possible combinations in the hope of guessing correctly.

“In an effort to prevent further brute force attacks, we are implementing account lockouts for administrator accounts. Starting with the October 11, 2022 cumulative Windows updates or later, a local policy will be available to enable local administrator account lockout,” writes Microsoft.

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