ЕС will invest €6 billion. To build your own satellite network

The technological sector is more important for the development of the European economy. ЕС actively supports and finances the initiatives of various startups and stimulates production on the continent. The regulators also foresee a strengthening of the measures for control over big companies like Google, Meta and Microsoft.

The state has approved another ambitious initiative. EU plans to invest the sum of €6 billion. to build a proprietary network of satellites, reports Reuters.

The impressive budget is part of the strategy for strengthening the space and communication sector on the European continent. Reducing the dependence on external suppliers is key to this process.

The first details of the initiative were published by the European Commission (EK) in February. An ambitious project for the construction and operation of the satellite system internet it has already received approval from the representatives of the European Council and the deputies of the European Parliament.

The creation of a proprietary satellite system will accelerate the introduction of broadband Internet in Europe. At the same time, the signal will also cover Africa, allowing us to EC to offer the countries there an alternative to the Chinese competitors.

If there are no problems, the system must be put into operation until 2027.

The European Commission (ЕК) intends to finance the initiative, with the exception of €2.4 billion.

The remaining amount is expected to be generated as investments from the private sector. The innovative network must include at least 170 satellites located in low Earth orbit.

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